What strain of marijuana is best for treating breast cancer?

There are several types of breast cancer and not all of them respond in the same way to cannabis.  Not much research has been undertaken on the subject, largely because of cannabis’ status as a schedule 1, dangerous drug, which means it cannot be researched extensively.  There is a lot of pressure on at the moment to re-schedule the plant but until this happens, evidence remains mostly anecdotal. While the research available has shown that breast cancer can be effectively treated by cannabis, the treatment works best on certain cancers but may actually cause other breast cancer tumors to grow.

Breast cancer is grouped into different categories namely:

Hormone positive breast cancer – Estrogen receptor positive or progesterone receptor positive cancers are hormone driven cancers that affects the majority of women diagnosed with cancer.  Estrogen positive cancers may actually spread with high a THC ratio, although this is also not proven as yet. The National Cancer Institute maintains that CBD inhibits the survival of estrogen receptor positive breast cancer cell lines.  It would seem that the best strains for this kind of breast cancer are those with low THC but a high CBD ratio.

HER2 positive breast cancer – This is breast cancer that tests positive for a protein called human epidermal growth factor receptor 2, which promotes the growth of cancer cell and it  spreads more rapidly than other types of cancer. HER2 positive breast cancer seems to respond well to cannabis that has a high THC content.

Triple Negative Breast cancer means exactly that, it is negative for estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and it is negative for HER production.  This is the most aggressive form of breast cancer because it can’t be treated with hormone therapy or other drugs.  Generally it’s treated with ongoing chemotherapy.  This type of cancer, fortunately, seems to respond well to marijuana and can be used in a high THC/CBD ratio.

Triple positive breast cancer tests positively for Estrogen and progesterone, but it also tests positive for HER2.  This type of cancer also responds well to marijuana strains high in THC.

Because of the variety of breast cancers around, it is wise to research your particular type carefully, consulting with a naturopathic oncologist in order to get the correct treatment.  While it is true that there is a lot of anecdotal evidence of those who have been cured from breast cancer with cannabis, it is also true that many other women have died, even while taking large doses of cannabis oil.  Do your research carefully and don’t blindly trust everything you hear or read on the subject. Also, be sure to take as many natural, anti-cancer foods into your system each day to fight the cancer.


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